Introducing the Vi-NM1 Retinal Camera

Vi-NM1 retinal camera Vision Instruments has developed a unique retinal camera for capturing digital images of the eye's retina for public health retinal eye disease screening programs. This retinal camera is portable, requires minimal training for use by paramedic staff, and is non-mydriatic (i.e. does not require pharmacological pupil dilation).

There is a growing need for retinopathy screening to reduce preventable blindness through early diagnosis of diabetic eye disease, glaucoma and macular degeneration. The VI retinal camera has a uniquely intuitive alignment system and an autofocus capability to facilitate ease of use by inexperienced operators. It is robust, sealed against dust and humidity and is easily portable for application in remote areas and the developing world. Although developed for retinopathy screening, the retinal camera is also suitable for Optometry and Ophthalmology practices.

Production of the first batch of 20 retinal camera has commenced, but unfortunately cash flow limitations have necessitated that the project is on hold at present. Consequently we are not able to accept orders at present, but are hopeful of finding a way in the next few months of completing the commercialisation of the retinal camera.

Thank you for your interest in our retinal camera. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information or wish to discuss options for assisting us in completing the commercialisation phase and finally see our camera being used where it is most needed.

Using the Vi-NM1 retinal camera The Vi_NM1 Retinal Camera is designed with the following keypoints taken in consideration:

Less than half the weight and half the volume of many comparable retinal cameras.

Sealed and ruggedised, 12v battery operation, download images direct to USB stick, no PC required.

Ease of use
Simple operation and automatic focus.

Image quality equal to the best non-mydriatic retinal cameras.
Read the Specifications page for more detailed information.