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Involvement with Vision Instruments

Vision Instruments was established for the development of the non-mydriatic retinal camera and other appropriate eyecare technology. We are developing our retinal camera for retinopathy screening in public health and the developing world, rather than concentrating on the more established western world Optometry and Ophthalmology market (although we expect to sell many instruments into this market). Vision Instruments is 92% owned by the current employees, but we would welcome enquiries from any person or organisation that would like to discuss involvement in the retinal camera development project. We are evolving our business model at present, and would welcome your consideration or comment on the following :


To date, the rate of retinal camera development has been constrained by funding limitations and we would welcome enquiries from any person or organisation that would be interested in discussing opportunities for investment in the company.


Please note that Vision Instruments is not interested in discussing conventional exclusive distribution agreements as we propose to distribute and support the retinal camera directly from Vision Instruments to minimise distribution costs and keep the company close to the customer. The retinal camera is designed to be very easy to use and very reliable, to allow this direct support. Instrument pricing will be based on production cost plus a moderate margin to support the customer and our company, and we will not be in a position to support significant distribution mark-ups. Notwithstanding this, we would be pleased to discuss innovative relationships with potential distributors, such as allowance for a small margin where the distributor is able to facilitate an instrument sale for us.